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Form-finding of twisted beams

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Olivier Baverel
Lionel Du Peloux
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Laboratoire Navier
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Building Freeform 2014

The workshop confronts engineering and architecture students to the complexity of building doubly-curved structures.

Temporary Cathedral in Paris 2013

The Ephemeral Cathedral of Créteil (Paris, France) is a gridshell structure made of composite materials. Built in 2013, this religious edifice of 350m2 is a temporary church meant to gather the parishioners during the two-years renovation of their permanent cathedral. This large-scale prototype represents a first in the building industry, which still shows excessive apprehension for the use of non-traditional materials such as composites, especially when it comes to structural applications. Based on a previous successful experience the gridshell was prefabricated and erected by the parishioners themselves.

Forum Solidays 2011

In June 2011, the Solidays music and cultural festival welcomed a world first in the field of composites : a gridshell-type structure open to the public of a size that has never been reached before. The result of the work of 12 architecture and engineering students, a leading-edge research laboratory and several companies, this project, in support of the fight against AIDS, created much enthusiasm and opened the way for a large number of applications in the construction industry.

Crossing my bridge 2010

From design to fabrication in one week. This yearly workshop is dedicated to the realisation of a footbridge, this year in bamboo.