Mesnil R., Douthe C., Baverel O. and Léger B.


The aim of this paper is to introduce a bottom-up methodology for the modelling of free-form shapes in architecture that meet fabrication constraints. To this day, two frameworks are commonly used for surface modelling in architecture: NURBS modelling and mesh-based approaches. The authors propose an alternative framework called generalised cyclidic nets that automatically yields optimal geometrical properties for the envelope and the structural layout, like the covering with planar quadrilaterals or hexagons. This framework uses a base circular mesh and Dupin cyclides, which are natural objects of the geometry of circles in space, also known as Möbius geometry. This paper illustrates how complex curved shapes can be generated from generalised cyclidic nets. It addresses the extension of cyclidic nets to arbitrary topologies with the implementation of a ‘hole-filling’ strategy and demonstrates also that this framework gives a simple method to generate corrugated shells.