F. Tayeb,  O. Baverel,  L. du Peloux, J-F. Caron


This document deals with the gridshells built by the Navier laboratory in the last ten years. The numerical conception is developed, from the draft made by architects up to the final structure. To design a gridshell several numerical tasks have to be performed. The geometry of the gridshell is first considered. Then, an iterative step mixing geometry and mechanical considerations is important. In particular, it is explained how the naturally straight beams are bended to form the final shape. This active bending provides many interests like high stiffness for a light weight structure. After the numerical design of the grid, the geometry of the membrane is drawn from the numerical final geometry of the gridshell. The improvements of gridshells, including safety considerations as well as practical considerations are then developed, trough the four gridshells recently built.