R. Mesnil, C. Douthe, C. Richter, O. Baverel


The difficulty to construct mechanically optimal shells may limit the use of structural optimisation in practice. The objective of this paper is to propose a new parametric representation of doubly curved shapes suited for structural optimisation of architectural shells that inherently considers fabrication constraints. We focus on a common construction constraint: the covering of building envelopes with planar facets. This paper proposes to implement the so-called marionette technique as a Computer-Aided-Design tool that guarantees covering of free-form shapes with planar quadrilateral facets.
General considerations on the size and nature of the optimisation space created with this method are made. It is demonstrated through different case-studies that the quality of the parametrisation for shape optimisation of shell structures is similar to the one offered by NURBS, an ubiquitous modelling technique. The proposed method conciliates thus fabrication and structural performance.




Engineering Structures


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