Nabaei S., Baverel O. and Weinand Y.


The term Interlaced Space Structures (ISS) corresponds to a coupled system of naturally curved flexible panels/strips interlaced together according to a design pattern. The goal of the present study is to look for a physically-based and efficient form-finding procedure in order to interactively explore different interlaced morphologies with respect to the design parameters for structural design purposes. Each panel is considered as an in-extensible discrete kirchhoff rod and the rest shape of the coupled system rods is obtained via a constrained total energy minimization. The interlacing pattern is translated into a set of overlap order constraints and applied to the optimization problem. An implementation of the interior-point filter linesearch algorithm with the Quasi-Newton procedure has been employed to solve the constrained nonlinear optimization. The approach is then discussed and commented in detail through a number of form-finding case studies.




International Journal of Space Structures


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