Mesnil R., Douthe C., Baverel O., Léger B., Caron J.-F.


The design of free-form structures is governed by structural and geometric considerations, the latter ones being closely linked to the costs of fabrication. If some construction constraints have been studied extensively, the question of the repeatability of nodes in free-form structures has rarely been addressed yet. In this paper, a family of surfaces that can be optimized regarding typical geometrical constraints and that exhibit high node congruence is proposed. They correspond to particular meshes of moulding surfaces and are called isogonal moulding surfaces by the authors. The geometrical properties of these surfaces are discussed. In particular, it is shown how to derive Edge O ffset Mesh from them. It is also demonstrated that they represent all the possible meshes parallel to surfaces of revolution. Finally, the reader is introduced to some computational strategies linked to isogonal moulding surfaces.


accepted July 2015


Automation in Construction


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