Douthe C.,Mesnil R., Orts H. and Baverel O.


Elastic gridshells are structures made of flat two-way grids which are deformed elastically before they are braced and which afterwards mechanically behave like continuous shells. Gridshells present some advantages in terms of manufacturing, lightness and time of assembly. Their covering remains however a technical issue. The present article proposes hence an alternative method to cover them by planar quadrilateral facets, which could also be used as natural bracing if connected properly. It relies on the duality between a certain family of circular meshes with a unique radius and some Tchebycheff nets. The approach is versatile and allows for the design of a large variety of shapes from two curves in space. Real time numerical tools are developed for open and closed curves as well as a strategy for umbilical points. The relaxation of the Tchebycheff net shows finally that an equilibrium configuration can be found in the vicinity of the PQ-Mesh which confirm the practical feasibility of elastic gridshells covered with planar facets.




Automation in Construction


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