Structural modelling and design

Modelling is key to the design of structures. Beyond calculations, the construction of models is essential to the understanding of their behaviour, may be as important as experiments. Efficient modelling allows also for fast simulation and by there optimisation.

Structural morphogenesis and geometry

Constructability is mathematics, as well as structural efficiency. Theories and design methods, suited for structural engineering, must thus be developped, most specifically for the form-finding and morphogenesis of structures under constructibility constraints.

Design and choice of materials

The appropriate choice of materials is central to good design. It requires knowledge of physics and chemistry, mechanics of materials, as well as life cycle analysis. Various studies are thus conducted herein targeted at structural engineering applications.

Digital and robotic manufacturing

Applications of digital and robotic manufacturing to structural engineering will change radically the construction paradigm. Parametric design, vision and deep learning, robotics and automation open new ways of building, from concrete printing to freeform architecture.