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The DiXite project
Initiated in 2018, DiXite is part of I-SITE FUTURE, a French initiative to answer the challenges of the sustainable city. The DiXite project focuses on the construction site. It acts as a hub for developing pluridisciplinar research around construction scenarios in which automated and digitised processes are used to construct and maintain the […]

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Construire le courbe 2018

Début imminent de l'atelier 2018, centré sur la construction en bois, la conception sous contraintes, l'analyse des structures, et la mise en pratique de ces notions sur un ouvrage expérimental.
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Building freeform 2017

This edition exploits the new robotic manufacturing cell and address main complex structures constraints: connections, flatness of panels and formal freedom.
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Building freeform 2016

Everything changes for this edition of the workshop dedicated to double curved structures. Realization of a full scale wooden gridshell is foreseen.
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Robotised shell and arches

The ENPC hosted its first robotic workshop revisiting the classic notions of funicular arches and stereotomy in the light of digital design and fabrication.
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Hybrid Structural Skin

Bracing elastic gridshells in their final form remains a time consuming step with a lot of handiwork. The lack of alternative to membrane covering is also an important limit to the development of such technology. The proposed experiment tries to tackle both issues through a novel concept of hybrid structural skin made of an elastic gridshell braced with a concrete envelop. The idea is to use the gridshell as formwork for the concrete and to insure a connection between the thin concrete skin.
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Building freeform 2015

Enthousiastic edition with three large and successfull pavilions: a gigantic membrane, an orange elastic gridshell and a convincing torsion free doubly curved grid.
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Arch Design

Program of the workshop

Lecture 1:  Conference on the construction and restoration of masonry structures. Arches, vaults, yield design and introduction to the computation of funicular arches.

Lecture 2:  Graphic statics. Yield design. Kinematics. Buckling of voussoirs. Manipulation of small-scale arches.

Lecture 3 : Design of the arch and optimisation with Scilab or Excel. Fabrication

Lecture 4 : Fabrication

Lecture 5 : Interpretation of […]

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Crossing my bridge 2015

In one week, students get familiar with all the steps of the design process and make the physical experiment of a bridge they have just conceived.
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Crossing my Bridge 2014

In one week, students get familiar with all the steps of the design process and make the physical experiment of a bridge they have just conceived.