@ENPC – Mar. 2017 – A. Lebée, C. Chalumeaux, P. Lecomte, R Mesnil


From design to fabrication in five days… This workshop mixes third year engineering and architecture students.

Origami techniques were the seed for designing light shelters made of extruded polystyrene. Indeed, folding is a powerfull form finding process which provides structural properties to thin shells.


Designing and building a shelter out of 36m^2 extruded polystyrene plates. The design must be driven by origami concepts. Students are first in groups of 5 for the preliminary design. Then they are gathered in groups of ten for the construction.


This intensive workshop is an opportunity for students to work together on a project they build and test in the end.

Origami techniques and folding are powerfull form finding tools which provides structural properties to thin shells. In addition to structural properties the final shape is also the enveloppe of the shelter since it is made of a single and uncut surface. The final form may be unfolded and directly cut in a plain sheet without off-cuts which simplifies the construction. Folding allows also the design of striking deployable structures.

Since folding is actually a motion, there is an interesting design step where the obtained shape must be turned into a structure. This requires understanding the mechanical behavior of folded surfaces and how to make them “rigid”.

For this first edition, the workshop took place in “la grande ruche” the open space of Ecole des Ponts ParisTech dedicated to transverse projects. We had four interesting shelters suggested by inspired teams of students: “Défi Courbe”, “Déplie-Toit”, “Origacity” and “Orig-Abri”


Défi Courbe (Curved Challenge)

This shape is obtained, folding a single piece of 5m x 6m extruded polystyrene with a curved fold line.

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Déplie-Toit (Unfold-You/Roof)

This is a temporary deployable shelter. The foldable pattern is actually not fully deployable: it locks when a maximum opening is reached. This ensures a stable opened configuration.

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This deployable structure is an urban sculpture based on a variation on the well-known Miura-Ori pattern. It is intended to channel the crowd in the street.

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This deployable structure is a marquee which unfolds flat

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Teachers: A. lebée, C. Chalumeaux, P. Lecomte, R. Mesnil

Défi Courbe (Curved Challenge): Flora Agbomson, Jean-François Bouscasse, Jean Cauvin, Andrei Corbet-Nits, Hajar Fathi, Sacha Erwann Kieffer, Valentine Louis-Lucas, Matthieu Moreau, Meryem Ragbaoui.

Déplie-Toit (Unfold-You/Roof): Benoit Legrand Sainte Beuve, Renaud Carnevale, Mohammed Hassan, Emmanuelle, Jean-Alexis, Imad Lakim, Cécile Laurent, Louis Montaut, Elie Seigneur, Charlotte Thomas.

Origacity: Salem Akil, Félicie Bontemps, Marius Fouquerand, Corentin Haurogné, Marie Heurtevent, Léonie Hottote, Diane Puges, Marine Rubio, Benjamin Royer.

Orig-Abri (Orig-ami/shelter): Reda Bahi Slaoui, Simon Brient, Thibault Donze, Liza Gouriou, Jean-Baptiste Martin, Stéphan Obadia, Guillaume Panek, David Su, Régis Vicente.